What Crystal is Good for Motivation?


What Crystal is Good for Motivation?

The most askable question is what crystal is good for motivation. If you are feeling tired and exhausted If you are feeling tired and worn out, consi

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The most askable question is what crystal is good for motivation. If you are feeling tired and exhausted If you are feeling tired and worn out, consider crystals to bring luck, happiness and help you get out of a rut.

In these times, you require the energy of positivity within your life to boost your determination. If you are driven, you’ll get a more positive outlook on your life to accomplish your goals.

These healing crystals can aid you. They are referred to as motivational crystals for a reason. They help increase vital energy in the body to more passion, balance, and creativity for success.

However, to achieve the highest motivation and energy levels with crystals, you must know which crystals are suitable for motivation. Here is our list of the most effective crystals that can boost mental and physical focus to remain focused.

How to Choose the Right Crystals for Motivation?

To increase your motivation, you’ll be looking for gemstones that are specifically designed to work with your lower three chakras.

The three chakras are below:

  • Solar Plexus.
  • Sacral.
  • Root.

These chakras help us maintain our strength and stability. In terms of motivation, it is essential to activate these chakras to be grounded and finish whatever you require help with.

If it’s a task at work or school or even tasks you do every day, like cleaning your house, using healing crystals can help you find the motivation you need.

A quick tip: Some of the crystals listed below are for the higher chakras. However, I will discuss why they perform exceptionally well in keeping you focused.

It’s important to understand that, in general, the lower chakras influence our motivation.
Let’s get started and discover which stones of motivation can aid you in achieving your goals and success.

How to use Crystals for Motivation?

Crystals allow you to make use of them whenever you want. It’s not constricting. However, it is incredibly generous.
The choice of crystals is on your individual preferences. The way you feel secure when using crystals is highly personal. What you consider appropriate for you could not be suitable for another.

Crystals’ experience may not be the best or not be the same as what you’ve heard from someone else or the information you find online!

But, be aware that faith and trust are top priorities when working with crystals. Let the energy of crystals engulf you and overtake the daily activities of your life. They can help to maintain your power.

In this regard, let’s look at some options to utilize crystals to boost your motivation.
Crystals are utilized for healing purposes, and like all things that heal, keeping them near or on you for an extended time is essential.


  • Place a glass in your purse or wallet whenever you travel.
  • Have one handy at your desk or on your nightstand.
  • Do some meditation exercises with it.
  • Place one in your bathroom or somewhere that you spend most of your time in.
  • Could you include them in your yoga routine?
  • You can put a couple of pillows on your pillowcase.
  • Utilize them to purify your energy or cleanse the energy surrounding you.
  • Make them a beautiful piece in your garden or tables for your living room.
  • Keep one in your pocket.
  • Grab it with your hands that aren’t covered for a few seconds while you engage in positive speech or as you make affirmations.
  • Set them on pieces of jewelry.

5 Best Crystals for Motivation:

1- Carnelian (The stone of the Artist)

The carnelian crystal looks like fire because of its bright red and orange hues. The fire it is reminiscent of can also symbolize passion as it has been known to increase creativity.
It will give you the courage and determination to overcome your procrastination and let your creativity flow.

It is ideally used to help the sacral chakra, located beneath the navel. This crystal will help you stay grounded, help maintain your energy, and helps to boost your energy, vitality, and courage. It also boosts confidence. It can also help to focus on all your work.

Utilize this crystal whenever you feel demotivated in an ongoing project, when you feel like you’ve hit a wall and are unable to finish, or having doubts about yourself

2- Citrine (The Lucky Merchant Stone)

Imagine yourself sitting with your palm in the sun. It’s almost like you’re holding the sun’s rays.
This is precisely how the crystal of citrine appears!

With an ethereal yellow glow that is reminiscent of the sun’s light beams, the crystal is famous for its positive energy. It brings joy and is a great choice to start a new chapter.

Ideal for the chakra of the solar plexus, this crystal can aid in establishing an optimistic attitude, which is essential, particularly when you’re launching your new venture.

Utilize this crystal whenever you feel demotivated and exhibit negative attitudes towards the work at hand or before embarking on a new adventure.

3- Garnet (The Stone that Reveals Real Trueness and Commitment)

With a rich red hue and a hint of black, the crystal is nothing less than royal status. It’s akin to the pomegranate and is believed to anchor the truth of your convictions.

It could provide emotional and physical support and push you to your limits.
The ideal crystal for the heart chakra and the chakras of the root, this stone can assist you in making powerful movements and getting rid of any self-doubt or doubt. It’s ideal for keeping you focused and focused on the task you are working on.

Make use of this crystal when you feel like your body dies and when you’re close to giving up. Garnet can assist you in getting to where you want to be, help keep you focused and keep the flame of passion burning.

4- “Tiger’s Eye” (Stone of Survival)

Like the eye of a Tiger, this crystal is brownish-red in hue and is well-known for its luck and uplifting actions. It keeps us focused and helps us take informed steps to achieve our goals.

Ideal for activating your root chakra Tiger’s eyes and keeping you feeling comfortable in the face of self-doubt while also helping you stay connected to your inner self.

Make use of this crystal when you need self-esteem and personal strength, and motivation. It’s an ideal crystal to combat fatigue and boost your energy levels.

5- Orange Calcite (Stone for Creativity)

It’s reminiscent of the orange soda you may have consumed as a kid. The sparkling orange crystal is renowned for its subtle yet potent energy. It assists you in moving forward through life and taps into your potential while also increasing your confidence and ambition.

The crystal is ideal for the chakras of the solar and sacral plexus. This crystal will boost your energy, reinforce your self-worth, and provide you with positive and creative energy.

Use this crystal when your life is overwhelming, and the creative juices aren’t flowing. It can help you re-energize your life, inspire you and help you contribute more to the world.